Why Premix?

Premix's Unique Capability — TOTAL SYSTEMS APPROACH

  • Premix's breadth of capability for the Total Conversion Process minimizes customer's risk.
  • No other company in the thermoset composite industry has the breadth of technical capability and years of proven experience delivering solutions to customers.

Process for Converting Metal to Thermoset Composites

  1. Part Design
    Work closely with customers to understand application requirements including mating components and operating environment. Product development engineers assist customers in optimizing part design to improve part performance and manufacturability.

  2. Structural Analysis
    Pro/E and Catia software part design capabilities along with FEMAP and Abaqus FEA software to analyze the part using mechanical properties of our unique materials.

  3. Materials Development
    Drawing on its breadth of experience with a wide range of SMC, BMC, TMC and ESC™ material, Premix designs, develops and manufactures materials for each customer's specific application.

  4. Mold Design and Construction
    We carefully select the mold vendor to meet customer requirements. Molds are designed to Premix specifications to support high output, low scrap and maintenance requirements. In-house toolmakers design and build secondary tooling and maintain production molds 24/7.

  5. Production Molding
    Premix has a wide range of compression and injection presses and over 50 years experience molding thousands of different parts. This positions us to start up and deliver new projects on time and within budget to support customer assembly needs.

  6. Total Project Management
    Premix uses the complete APQP process as our project management system to focus our talent and resources on deliverables, time lines and responsibilities all aimed at customer-defined goals.

Bring Us Your Challenge

Customers come to us at every stage in their cycle of product development and pose the same question: Can this part be made -- or made better -- using a thermoset composite? The challenge appeals to the Premix "Can Do" attitude. We review the product specifications for physical characteristics and dimensional tolerances. We suggest design refinements to take advantage of the unique virtues of our materials and processes. Put the right compound in a properly designed mold, and you get much more out of the press -- parts consolidation and reduced assembly steps, increased productivity, reduced shipping costs and damage in transit, reduced maintenance and improved reliability.

We use computer-aided design and simulation technologies, we design and source the tools, and we produce the prototype and test it against your specs. Our materials can be molded accurately to a few thousandths of an inch, formed and cured in seconds and automatically deflashed to a smooth edge.