TMC – Thick Molding Compound

Premix manufactures Thick Molding Compounds (TMC) that are used in compression, transfer and injection molding. These thermoset materials are manufactured using a unique process that produces a material with the best combined properties of a BMC (excellent flow properties) and SMC (excellent mechanical properties). The glass/paste combining process creates a glass orientation like BMC, while allowing longer fiber lengths (up to 2"), like SMC, to be incorporated. TMC can be delivered to you in festooned sheet, slab or post-extruded slug form.

The actual thickness of TMC is up to 6x a typical SMC. The additional thickness (matte weight) enables molding charges to be built for compression molding with a fewer number of layers. The end result is a stronger part for complex shapes.

For injection molding the longer glass lengths, in combination with proper injection tool and nozzle design, produces parts that are stronger. This allows the manufacturing economics of an injection process typically reserved for smaller parts to be expanded to larger parts that might typically be done in compression molding.