ESC™ Engineered Structural Composites™

Premix is the North American leader in the development and production of Engineered Structural Composites™ (ESC™). These composites are made using a proprietary SMC process that combines epoxy or polyimide resins with high loadings of fibers (40% to 65%). These materials possess flexural strength that is superior to SMC and tensile strength that is comparable to steel. ESC™ also offers significant weight reduction in comparison to metals and also expands the typical continuous use temperatures of thermoset plastics up to 350°F.

ESC™ can be made from random chopped fiber as well as continuous and matte rovings. ESC™s come in festooned sheet, roll or slab form. The product form offers the unique opportunity to net shape mold complex three-dimensional geometries.

ESC™s are used in demanding applications where metal replacement is critical in obtaining weight reduction, part consolidation or corrosion resistance.