A Total Systems Approach

If you're thinking about converting from your current manufacturing materials to composites, we have the expertise and track record to minimize your risk in the total conversion process. At Premix, we provide over 50 years of market-proven experience along with our expansive breadth of technical capability. No other company in the thermoset industry possesses our expertise in design engineering, formulating, compounding and molding of sophisticated thermoset composites.

New Products

PremierLT™ Family of Low-Weight Compounds

The Composites Group introduces PremierLT™, a new family of lightweight, low-density, high-performance thermoset sheet molding compounds (SMC) designed to meet current and future market needs for structural and semi-structural applications. PremierLT L701S boasts a specific gravity of 1.2. It is moldable, pigmentable and offers low shrink. PremierLT L702S offers superior strength and moldability with a specific gravity of 1.5.

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Transportation Applications

Working with virtually every major engine manufacturer in the world, our market proven history clearly demonstrates thermoset technology’s superior performance in the demanding under the hood environment.

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Electrical Applications

We formulate and mold custom engineered materials to meet critical industry performance standards. Excellent dielectric strength and arc/track resistance combined with parts consolidation and cost reduction validate the switch to composites.

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HVAC Applications

Offering cost-effective solutions, our engineers analyze, design and develop specially formulated materials and processes with distinct advantages, including corrosion resistance, high strength, thermal stability and flame retardance.

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