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SymTerra™ a new thermoset molding compound uses renewable-resource raw materials

North Kingsville, Ohio – September 11, 2012 – In keeping with its high standard of environmental stewardship, The Composites Group (TCG) announces the development of SymTerra™ composites, a new series of thermoset molding compounds that use renewable-resource raw materials in the compound itself. SymTerra™ compounds offer improved energy effi ciency through weight reduction while also using less petroleum.

SymTerra™ composites have a specifi c gravity of 1.2 or lower. This allows for weight reductions of 30% or more versus conventional composites, and 30-50% weight reduction versus competing materials. "Removing weight while maintaining fullperformance capabilities is key to energy effi ciency, whether in a combustion-fueled hybrid or electric vehicle or other applications where weight is a consideration," said Jeff Cash corporate director of sales and marketing.

Incorporating bio-derived feedstocks in SymTerra™ thermoset molding compounds reduces its carbon footprint by using plant-derived materials that actually extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Sequestered carbon replaces fossil carbon in these composites.

SymTerra™ compounds are produced in the North Kingsville, Ohio TCG facility which features advanced technology that captures and eliminates VOC's released during the compounding operation. "When we examine the total value proposition offered by this new product line, it is clearly an advancement of composites in harmony with the planet," stated Cash.

For more information contact Jeff Cash at 800.395.5082.