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Product Engineering

Thermoset molding compounds like SMC, BMC and TMC are not widely understood in many industries. Engineers accustomed to designing in metals, castings and thermoplastics are not as familiar with thermosets. That is where Premix product engineering steps in. We offer as much support as you need – whether it be a complete conversion from a metal fabrication, or a design review of an existing molding for improved manufacturability.

We combine our standard design guidelines with practical experience gleaned from a variety of industries to develop a molding that meets your needs. Our in-house part design and finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities are all about creating the most reliable, cost-effective molding for your application.

Premix's Total Conversion Process

  • Our breadth of capability for the Total Conversion Process minimizes your risk

  • No other company in the thermoset composite industry has the breadth of technical capability and years of proven experience delivering solutions to customers

It begins with the Premix engineering team, who develop a thorough understanding of your application and how it functions in YOUR customer’s products. Our project management process gathers this information into a concise format that drives the total conversion process. With over 50 years of materials development experience, and thousands of formulations in use, we can draw from a proven stable of products to meet the needs of your application.

In the conversion process, we provide as much engineering support as you need – from as little as collaborative design reviews of existing products to molding-ready model file generation, FEA and production drawings on your company’s title blocks.

At product launch, Premix manages the mold and secondary equipment construction, develops the manufacturing process and follows a rigorous APQP process to meet the demanding, and often times accelerated, time lines driven by your customers. And with a quality system that is the foundation for our design, development and production processes, you can be assured that your product will be delivered on time with no defects.

Testing & Laboratory Services

  • Mechanical
    • Instron 3366, 10kN load cell and frame - tensile, flexural and compressive properties
    • Environmental Chamber – testing at elevated temperature
    • TMI Izod Tester - impact resistance

  • Physical
    • Signature Controls DEA - gel/cure rate profile
    • Panel to mold shrink measurement
    • Specific gravity measurement
    • Spiral flow molding
    • Greytag Macbeth Color Eye XTH - LAB color measurement

  • Thermal
    • Perkin Elmer DSC 7

  • Electrical
    • SRM-110 surface resistance meter
    • Beckman 120V arc resistance meter
    • Through plane conductivity

  • Flammability
    • UL94 testing for flammability of plastics

  • Characterization
    • Nicolet Magna 750 FT-IR spectrometer
    • Olympus SZ10/BX60M zoom stereo microscope with video documentation
    • Reaktometer - In mold temperature, pressure, dielectric and flow profiling

  • Rheology
    • Rheometrics DMTA IV - creep prediction, Tg, and CLTE
    • Brookfield RVF and HBT viscometers

  • Conditioning
    • QUV accelerated weathering
    • Burn off and heat aging ovens

  • Sample preparation
    • Injection flat panel molding
    • Injection mechanical specimen molding
    • Compression flat panel molding
    • Compression mechanical specimen molding
    • CNC specimen cutting
Premix Part Design