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Part Design

Premix works closely with customers to understand application requirements including mating components and operating environment. Product development engineers assist customers in optimizing part design to improve part performance and manufacturability. Premix provides both design assistance and design responsibility to many industries, including:

  • HVAC
  • Heavy Truck
  • Health Care
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace Military

Premix works with you to define the end-use requirements of the application, obtain target costs and build a timeline to develop your product.

The Tools We Use:

  • Pro/Engineer--part design
  • Catia--part design
  • Abacus-FEA
  • Cadpress--mold flow

We combine design guidelines for thermoset composites with practical experience gleaned from a variety of industries.

Premix can work with any neutral file formats to share models with our customers. Provide your existing design – whether it be a metal fabrication or an assembly of dissimilar materials – and Premix will create a design specifically suited to thermoset composites.