About Premix

With over 50 years of experience, Premix is the largest North American developer, formulator and manufacturer of thermoset compounds and manufacturer of thermoset molded parts.

We serve a broad range of industries including electrical, appliance/HVAC, construction, industrial equipment, transportation, automotive, heavy truck, aerospace, and military. Customers served include Eaton, Rockwell, United Technologies, Ingersol Rand, Cummins, Caterpillar, and Boeing.

We have the widest range of commercial composite materials available including Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC), Bulk Molding Compounds (BMC), Thick Molding Compounds (TMC) and Engineered Structural Composites™ (ESC™).

We operate globally through a network of licensees and affiliates that allows us to support our customers worldwide.

Premix Inc.

Street Address:
3365 East Center Street
Connesut, OH 44030, USA
Phone: 440.224.2181
Fax: 440.224.2766
Web site: www.premix.com